About Mario Coutinho

About Mario Coutinho

Mario Coutinho

countries where he lived: summary

Brazil: He was born on September 11th, 1966 in São Luís (Estate of Maranhão) where he lived until the age of 11. Eldest of four sons, he moved to Brasilia in 1977 with his mother and brothers. At the age of 17, he began to practice Aikido (dojo: Judo Veloso, 209 norte). Less than two years later, he had to study at night requiring that he changed his training schedule. So Nunes Sensei introduced him to Santos Sensei. Then he move his Aikido training to Santos Sensei's morning class, 6:30 am at dojo Judo Ismar - 708 Norte. Since then Sensei Santos has been his instructor. He reached Nidan in December 1993 under supervision of Ichitami Shikanai Shihan, (the supervisor of Brasilia, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro since 1975). It is in the Capital of Brazil that he received his education and graduated in Physical Education at the University of Brasilia in 1998. He got married in May 1996 to Marinella a Swiss citizen who was practicing also Aikido.

Japan: In October 1996 the young couple moved to Japan. As he did not graduate before living, Mario spent two years travelling between Brazil and Japan, in order to graduate. Totally he lived four years in Tokyo, where his first son was born. After moving to Zimbabwe, he regularly visited Japan in order to continue studying Iaido and Aikido.

Zimbabwe: In January 2001 the young family moved to Zimbabwe, where they stayed until July 2005. Mario built a small dojo at home and introduced the practice of Aikido in Harare. In 2004 during their stay in Africa their second son was born.

Italy: They than moved to the “Città Eterna – Rome” in August 2005, where they lived until July 2009.  During this period he trained regularly at the Aikizen-no-kai of Rome. The dojo of Giangrande Sensei, a direct disciple of Tada Shihan. He also kept his regular visits to Japan to continue studying Iaido and Aikido. In one of those trips he passed the examination of Iaido and was declared a 4th.Dan. He trained twice at Tada Sensei's dojo of Aikido in Gesso-ji Temple.

Brazil: From July, 2009 to May, 2013. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Canada: From May, 2013 until now.

Several reasons prevented him from applying for examinations of Aikido. The main one was the frequent change of countries. It is almost 25 years that he is Nidan of Aikido. 


>--- TIMELINE with some pictures (mainly aikido) ---->
photos of his Iaido history will be published in near soon

At 17 years old he started in aikido.
April 1st, 1984 dojo: VELOSO - 209 sul - Brasília (DF) - BRAZIL

Nunes e Santos
left: José Ribamar NUNES (his first instructor of Aikido), right: J.F. A SANTOS (his major Aikido instructor, guide and his father by heart)

At 20 years old he was invited by Santos Sensei, his instructor, to teach aikido to children
1986 (December)  dojo: ISMAR - 708 sul - Brasília (DF) - BRAZIL
(the class was under the supervision of the dojo-cho: Santos Sensei).

Mario e Guilherme
Guilherme (5 years old) - photographer: Santos Sensei


Mario e Gustavo
Gustavo (9 years old) - photographer: Santos Sensei


as student at Aikido adult class
1986 (December) dojo: ISMAR - 708 norte - Brasília (DF) - BRAZIL

Academia da 708 norte
sitting from left to right: Ney Boccanera,Jackson Oliveira (and his sun), Santos Sensei 
standing from left to right:  Zé Pereira, Fernando, Mário Coutinho, ??, ??
photographer: ?? 


Academia Ismar 708 norte
photographer: Santos Sensei

Teaching Aikido at University of Brasília for 7 years
from: 1989 (January)  to  1996 (September) - dojo: UnB (university campus)

Aikido UnB
from left to right: Cilmo (friend visiting), Mario Coutinho, Jorge Portugal (Physics) and Albano Henrique de Araújo (Geology)
photographer: ??
Aikido Centro Olimpico UnB
photographer: ??


Aikido UnB - Sala Ed. Física
photographer: Mario Coutinho

1990 (April) - Kisshomaru Doshu in Brazil

Kisshomaru no Brasil 1990
Recepction at Rio de Janeiro's airport.
left: Santos Sensei. rIght: Kisshomaru Ueshiba - Aikido Doshu
photographer: Mario Coutinho


Kisshomaru no Brasil 1990
from left to right:
sitted: Bento Guimaraes, Ichitami Shikanai Shihan (our supervisor), Kisshomaru Ueshiba Aikido Doshu, Reishin Kawai (President of the Brazil Aikido), George Pritmman
standing: Santos Sensei, Nelson, Pedro Paulo, Ivan, ??, ??
photographer: Mario Coutinho


Mario e Osawa Sensei
left: Hayato Osawa*  right: Mário Coutinho - photographer: Santos Sensei
*uke of Kisshomaru Ueshiba Aikido Doshu
Kisshomaru no Brasil 1990
from left to right: Santos Sensei (just part of his head), Reishin Kawai (President of the Brazil Aikido), Kisshomaru Ueshiba Aikido Doshu, Teruo Nakatani (the first person to teach Aikido in Brazil, close friend of Ueshiba Doshu), Commander Paraguassu (Brazilian Navy).
photographer: Mario Coutinho


1991 (April) - Embu at University of Brasília


Aikido na UnB - demonstração na semana universitária de 1991
uke: Mario Coutinho /// nage: Santos Sensei - photographer: newspaper 

1993 (December) - Aikido 2o.Dan Exam - dojo: AABB - Brasília - Brazil

Mario, exame de 2o. Dan - 1993
from left to right, sitted: Mário Coutinho, Nelson Takayanagi, Jackson Oliveira, Célia, Martins, Lourdes, Valéria 
from left to right, standing: David and Gislene (boths my students), Martins Sensei (pioneer of the Aikido in Brasília), Shikanai Shihan, Selma, Edison, Adopho, Aginaldo, Albano (my student), Carlos, Roberto.
photographer: Santos Sensei

2005 (July) - International Seminar - dojo: Aizen - Brasília - Brazil

Osawa Sensei no Aizen Dojo - Julho de 2005
from let to right, sitted: Stephen (Zimbabwe), Osawa Shihan (Japan) Shikanai Shihan (Brazil), David (Zimbabwe)
from left to right in the middle (behinde Osawa Shihan): Mário Coutinho (Brazil - Zimbabwe. At that time he was living in Zimbabwe and where he introduced aikido)
from left to right, standing : Valdo Lima (Brasília - BR), Marcelo Braga (Amazonas - BR), Santos Sensei (Aizen Dojo-cho), ?? (Brasília-BR)

2006 - Tada Juku Seminar - Roma - Italy Aikikai

Mario e Tada Sensei - Roma - 2006
left: Mario Coutinho, right: Hiroshi Tada Shihan


2011 - International Seminar by Aizen Dojo - Brazil
Dionino Giangrande Sensei
 (Aikizen-no-kai : Italy)

Seminário de Dionino Sensei no Brasil - 2011